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Barrington Beach Ambassador Pilot Project

In summer 2022, Birds Canada initiated a new pilot project in collaboration with the Municipality of the District of Barrington. With many of the beaches in the area being critical habitat for endangered Piping Plover, the Barrington Beach Ambassador project was a step in the right direction towards fostering sustainable beach use and encouraging local beach pride.

Two local Beach Ambassadors shared information, prizes, and kid friendly activities with hundreds of beachgoers at three beautiful Barrington area beaches. They quickly became regular faces on the beaches, providing locals and visitors with important information regarding climate change, Piping Plovers, and healthy beach use tips. This project received overwhelmingly positive interactions throughout the summer, therefore, this pilot project leaves us optimistic for future municipal stewardship on beaches across the Kespukwitk/ Southwest Nova Scotia Priority Place. We are grateful to funding support from the Municipality of the District of Barrington and Environment & Climate Change Canada.

Brenna Martell (she/her)
Nova Scotia Shorebird Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
Birds Canada | Oiseaux Canada
Email: [email protected]