Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative

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Artwork: Melissa Labrador

The Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative is a collaborative partnership of Mi’kmaq First Nations, Indigenous organizations, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and federal and provincial government departments. Established in October 2017, the collaborative is working together to conserve species at risk and biodiversity in the Kespukwitk/Southwest Nova Scotia Priority Place.

Etuaptmumk, also known as Two-eyed Seeing, strengthens the collaborative approach and recognizes the respective benefits of Indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge, as well as mainstream science perspectives. Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative partners cover a wide range of specialties, skills, and worldviews.

Kespukwitk/Southwest Nova Scotia Priority Place is one of eleven Priority Places for Species at Risk across Canada, established by the Federal and Provincial/Territorial governments. Priority Places are areas that have significant biodiversity, concentrations of species at risk, and opportunities to advance conservation efforts. An important aspect of our collaborative work in the Priority Place is strengthening partnerships. Working together allows for increased on-the-ground actions and co-benefits for species and ecosystems.